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Healthy, thick hair has always been representational of success, both on a private and professional level. A full head of hair has always been a sign of youth, beauty and vitality. And for men, having healthy hair is a symbol of power and strength. We are specialists in hair transplants, and place great importance on a very fine single hair technology, which guarantees a very natural look for the transplanted hair. Clinically approved hair transplants are the only way for restoring natural hair growth in bald areas. We have been successfully putting this method into practice for over 15 years at our clinic in Höschgasse 50, Seefeld, Zurich. Our main priorities include ensuring our customers feel at ease with us, addressing their concerns on a personal basis and providing them with pain-free treatment. We guarantee that our hair transplants will last a lifetime. Experience and good teamwork are key to our success.



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